We offer a comprehensive approach to facilitate your quest for funds from private philanthropy and government agencies. We help you develop fund development strategies, prepare strong, persuasive proposals, guide you in researching prospects, develop high-quality content and budgets, and aid in overall proposal planning. We provide these critical services through training sessions (workshops, group seminars, individual consultations) that explain the proposal development process and reveal winning strategies. 

Our Development Services services include…

Grant Writing

It is crucial to be charming, yet persuasive, when proposing an idea, much less when asking for money. Our superb grant writing services focus on all manner of government and foundation proposals. You can trust our experienced team of writers to create a proposal that not only ignites interest, but brings your idea to fruition.


  • Organize and manage grant writing tasks to meet and exceed grant maker’s criteria
  • Help prepare a detailed budget to match your project’s goals
  • Develop a proposal outline to help prepare a winning grant proposal
  • Assure that your grant application complies with the grant maker’s specifications
  • Assist in producing, packaging and submitting your grant application in a timely fashion
  • Take care of all necessary follow-up activities

Strategic Planning/Capacity Building

Strategy is everything when planning out a workable fund development plan. The goal is to strengthen your agency’s ambitious operations and programs while getting them noticed. We take time to develop a plan that is action-oriented and realistic based upon your unique situation.


  • Create strategies to communicate your agency assets and program benefits
  • Develop plans that qualify donor prospects
  • Develop plans that offer training sessions for directors on building networks of supporters

We also have expertise in the capacity building arena as well. If your organization does not have strong leadership, governance and management, and/or programs, we can assist you with adapting and strengthening your capacity so you can be a more effective organization and, ultimately, have a greater impact in your community. 

Research & Analysis

Behind every successful business decision is a savvy research team. In order to identify the best grant opportunities for your agency’s operations, our analytical experts incorporate sophisticated intelligence gathering activities formulated to highlight the best options available to you.


  • Provide you with customized and comprehensive grant maker profiles that highlight points of contact, application guidelines, special criteria, etc.
  • Make written recommendations on how best to seek funds from a relevant grant maker
  • Develop a proposal outline to help prepare a winning grant proposal