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As a professional tutoring service organization for middle and high school students, we are committed to improving students’ English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, especially for students who speak Chinese as their mother tongue. We are carefully evaluating the problems they face Under the premise of various academic challenges and cultural differences, tailor-made the best way to improve students’ thinking and expression in English. Professional provision includes daily schoolwork guidance, university entrance examinations, school application, self-recommendation letter (essay) writing, etc. Class coaching.

In the past 5 years, under our one-to-one professional guidance, students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills have made great progress. All high school graduates have been admitted to prestigious universities, including USC , University of Washington, University of California, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Purdue University, Seattle University, etc.

Our chief counselor, Mr. John O’Malley, has a master’s degree in English and has participated in adult writing counseling courses in many universities throughout the year. I love Chinese culture and have a unique study and understanding of Chinese literature. For students from the Chinese context, he always spares no effort to give friend-like guidance and guidance, and many students have become his good friends. For more information, please refer to the company’s website.

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我们的首席辅导员约翰•欧马力先生拥有英语硕士专业学位,常年参与多所大学的成人写作辅导课程。喜爱中国文化,并对中国文学有独特的涉猎和理解。 对来自中文语境的学生,他总是不遗余力地给予朋友式的指点、辅导,许多学生都成了他的好朋友。更多了解请参看公司的网站。



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