Our expanded list of author services targets the critical steps to getting published. We know the ropes of developing query letters and solid book proposals. With the addition of our coaching, writing evaluation and strategy development services, your written work is in competent hands.

Our Editorial Services services include…

Writing/Manuscript Coaching

You have the bright ideas, we help you develop them. Our writing professionals work with you to identify and craft the kinds of narratives that attract readers and sell. Regardless of your writing capabilities, our diverse assembly of writers mentor and coach you throughout the entire production process. From jotting down your first idea on paper to promoting your finished work, we help you every step of the way.

Our Services…

  • Reviews on fitness and performance
  • Book proposal development
  • Creation of a strong outline
  • Attracting the attention of an agent or publisher
  • Powerful query statements
  • Graphic presentation
  • Creating platforms (e.g. new media)
  • Marketing and promotion plans
  • Digital publishing opportunities
  • Legal matters

Manuscript Evaluation

You are already ahead of the game, allow our professional writers to help get you even closer to the publishing stage. Our professional writers will give your manuscript a thorough evaluation to identify areas that require special attention.


  • Provide a constructive analysis and report on your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Recommend specific edits and revisions for ease of readability and continuity
  • Offer professional advice to gear your work to publishing quality status

Publishing Strategy Development

One sure way to get published is to be mentored by professionals who have done it before. The art of getting noticed is a delicate task and our team is equipped with the tools to formulate a publishing strategy tailored to your needs.


  • Listen to your ideas first and offer professional criticism and advice
  • Research and review past successful strategies that closely resemble your goals
  • Draft out multiple different action plans in sync with your needs

Book Proposal Development

We guide you to create stylish, market-savvy books that attract publishers and agents, as well as new audiences. By working with talented photographers, illustrators, designers and printers, we provide your title with the best chances of getting noticed.


  • Display your unique idea with market-ready professionalism
  • Highlight and identify all unique selling points to show publishers and agents what a good investment you are
  • Incorporate current market design styles to attract readership, without distorting your book’s core idea and purpose

Query Letter Development

This is no time for writer’s block. Our seasoned professionals are well-versed in dealing with executives in most industries. Knowing who to approach and how to approach is key. We make sure your query letter is constructed effectively for its unique purpose.


  • Identify appropriate methods of introducing you and your work without overdoing humor or compliments
  • Help you skillfully draw the agent into your story’s hook by describing key characters, problems and solutions that show potential for an interesting storyline
  • Aid you in cleverly revealing your ideas without sounding too pushy or phony
  • Help keep your letter brief, yet full of your creative ideas and concepts 

Scientific Writing

O’Malley International can assist you with exceptional technical scientific writing and editing assistance. We have lots of experience with working as proofreader and reviewer as well as assisting with manuscript preparation, publishing and scientific grant writing including help with SBIR/STTR.