Our wide array of strategic communications services enhances your image or brand, builds content, creates messages, and delivers information and stories that successfully engage customers, stakeholders, clients, and varied audiences. We serve as your day-to-day strategic adviser to ensure good decisions and successful outcomes.

Our strategic communications services include…

Media Relations

Getting the word out there requires the art of strategic exposure. Our media relations professionals are experienced and trained to connect your message to your public. It’s about relationships; it’s about media intelligence; it’s about technique.


  • Emphasize storytelling techniques
  • Design and implement strong media relations campaigns
  • Develop relationships with key and relevant media outlets, including trade magazines; business press; nonprofit publications; mainstream magazines and newspapers; news and talk radio stations; cable, internet, and local/network television news programs; and online sites/platforms
  • Write and distribute concise informative press releases
  • Write engaging feature articles and op-ed pieces
  • Prepare case studies or white papers
  • Arrange executive and expert interviews
  • Analyze and evaluate your current media relations program

Marketing Communications

We understand that successful marketing is effective communication. Your brand is your identity, and it requires a tailored approach when targeting your key audiences. With expertise in marketing communications strategies and methods, your quest to be known and understood is our forte.


  • Identify areas of “need” in your targeted audiences to establish the right kind of marketing communications techniques
  • Verify that all communicated messages reflect the core values of the organization (one powerful, clear message)
  • Develop customized solutions to correct any past inconsistencies in messaging or branding
  • Ensure branding consistency with regards to content, logo usage, colors, typography, and basic design styles to establish recognition
  • Perform impact reviews of texts, graphics, logos, taglines, ads, and artwork

Personal/Corporate Image

You require a lasting impression to succeed in today’s marketplace. Allow us to extend our knowledge in corporate image consulting to help establish your professional presence among your publics.


  • Assist you in planning for trade shows, seminars, conferences, and industry networking events
  • Introduce you to potential partners or alliances to become your advocates
  • Craft scripts and train spokespersons to influence your targeted audiences
  • Organize media tours, press conferences, one-on-one interviews to promote the benefits of your product or service
  • Help design your print/online ads and other design/digital collaterals

Crisis Management

You need someone to help manage your crisis before it manages you. Our goal is to defend you against unwanted threats and unfair attacks that could significantly impact your organization. Our team excels in damage control.


  • Develop offline and online programs to advance your credibility and trustworthiness
  • Identify coalitions and alliances that support your messaging
  • Identify and implement survival strategies and tactics that limit damage from all kinds of crises (e.g., financial, ethical, legal, or political

Community Relations

It’s important to know the ins and outs to making a positive change in communities, one that will benefit everyone. 


  • Plan and advance your organization’s community relationships, though media and digital engagement, with nonprofits, businesses, public agencies, schools, universities, charities, museums, religious institutions, social services agencies, and many other groups and individuals 
  • Manage data and street-level intelligence to maximize your outreach efforts
  • Evaluate impacts of community relations programs


Let us put in a good word for you. Getting you noticed through writing is the centerpiece of our team’s skill base. Whether your needs require witty lines, clever anecdotes, or clear and concise messages, our experienced and talented writers are equipped to provide you with the perfect copy to make you stand out.

We effectively write copy for…

  • Print and digital ads
  • Social media influencers
  • Websites
  • Radio media
  • Brochures and newsletters
  • Catalogs
  • Direct mail materials
  • Trade show materials
  • All other manner of persuasive copy

Public Speaking & Media Training

When it comes to public speaking, you can’t let stomach butterflies get the best of you. We offer effective public speaking training and coaching methods to help you impress the press and your audience before you make your presentation.


  • Train you to make strong impressions on your audience
  • Add value to your public speaking and media interview opportunities
  • Emphasize a visual and intuitive approach to coaching and preparing you for public interactions

Translation Services

Language barriers shouldn’t prevent you from getting your message across. That is why we offer several different language translation services to apply your image and media solutions around the globe, successfully.

We speak and write in…

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • Arabic
  • Polish