Training and Insight from the Experts

The most effective proposals are not just clearer but more focused on solving the specific problems, which most concern the grant maker—and you. We all understand this, but we sometimes need new insights, updated information, and reminders about how to plan and write more successful proposals. Three kinds of training are recommended:  

  • In-person classroom instruction (two-or-three-day workshops)
  • Online Zoom instruction (two-hour blocks twice per week for four weeks)
  • Consultative two-hours sessions, online or in-person, for developing grant ideas or dealing with writing challenges


  • Customize all instruction and consultations to meet your need for funds from targeted grant makers, both government agencies and foundations.
  • Provide materials and resources that improve your skills and knowledge so that you become a successful grantseeker
  • Place a premium on nuts-and-bolts effectiveness through training that is practical, engaging, and inspiring

Because we value your effort to explore, to learn, and to understand the world of grant seeking, please reach us through the form on the Contact Us page—to learn additional details about our training options. Please know, too, that our fees and rates are cost-sensitive and tailored to your financial circumstances. While limited space and time are still available, we welcome you to sign up now for our quality training opportunities. We look forward to training you because we are confident that we will exceed your expectations!