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Resilience: Overcoming Adversity and Reaching High Goals - Keynote Speaker :: March 18, 2019

image John Silverwood is a top keynote speaker specializing in resilience, overcoming adversity, and reaching impossible dreams. He shares riveting stories and inspiring lessons about how to overcome fear, trauma, challenge, and uncertainty through a winning mindset – and fidelity to family, community, and God. John is a highly successful real estate developer, who with his wife, Jean, wrote a true-life adventure book, Black Wave, about an extraordinary sea voyage that nearly ended in a nightmarish tragedy for him and his family. Their epic survival story is now being considered for a feature film. Read More

Education, Counseling & Tutoring Services: 尊敬的家长、监护人: :: February 01, 2019

尊敬的家长、监护人: 您好! 作为一所专业的中、高中学生家教服务机构,我们致力于提高学生的英文听、说、读、写能力,尤其是针对以中文作为母语的学生,我们在认真评估他们所面临的各种学业挑战以及文化差异的前提下,量身定做提高学生用英语思维和表达的最佳途径,专业提供包括日常课业辅导、大学入学考试、学校申请、自我推荐信(essay)的写作等各类辅导。 在过去的5年中,在我们的一对一认真专业辅导下,学生的听说读写能力都有了长足进步,所有高中毕业学生都被有声望的大学录取,包括南加大、华盛顿大学、加州大学圣芭芭拉分校、圣地亚哥分校、普渡大学、西雅图大学等等。 Read More


Grantwriting Workshop - University of Houston - April 17-18, 2019

Join us for a two Day Strategic Grant Workshop focused on teaching individuals and groups a comprehensive overview of effective grant development techniques, including: finding best fit funding sources, creating innovative programs, & planning for funding sustainability. Learn More

University of Houston, Houston, Texas 77004

Apr 17 2019

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Read some of the testimonials from past attendees of our workshops over the past few years. Learn More


Mar 19 2019